The Starting Point
Business Problem
At the moment journal entry notifications are received, visitors want to easily send messages of support to the authoring family. As mobile adoption surpassed desktop use in 2012, both authors and visitors increasingly interacted with the CaringBridge service on the go, away from the convenience of their keyboards. In addition, the static website, pictured above, was a barrier for mobile interaction. As a result, journaling and guestbook activities decreased, leading to an overall decline in product engagement.
User Research
Customer Experience Maps
The team conducted interviews with participants from our user base to document the lifecycle experience of our distinct customer personas. In collaboration with our UX Analyst, I visualized our results in four customer experience maps to guide agile story mapping for the redesign.
User Feedback Throughout
The team used A/B testing and usability testing to compile feedback throughout our iterations to inform final product development.
Rapid Prototyping
Building a Responsive Web Style Guide
I worked with our developers to build a Bootstrap Style Guide to align our new web experience with existing brand standards. We then developed consistent patterns and languages to inform design solutions throughout the experience.
Moving from Low to High Fidelity Design States
Through rapid prototyping, we iterated various design revisions, moving from low fidelity sketches and wireframes to higher fidelity mockups, all while building and revising concepts in the codebase. 
Low Fidelity Wireframes
High Fidelity Wireframes
Prototyping Environment
Responsive Prototype
Enhancing Communication Options
We made it easier to send updates and receive support in fewer clicks, on a responsive site with enhanced media features, enabling a mobile optimized experience.
Replies and Notifications
We ensured users could show instant support by replying directly to journal entries and receiving instant notifications when the sites they visited were updated.
Direct Messages
The new direct messaging feature made it easier to send and receive one-to-one communications with individuals in a caring community.
More Than Words Could Say
New enhancements made it simple for everyone to stay informed not only through words, but with through photos and videos in the journal.
Seeing the Love
We made it faster to stay in touch at home and on the go by providing photo, video and digital card uploads in just a few clicks.
Personalized Drawings
A kid-friendly doodle feature made it fun to create and share personalized art, providing new and creative ways to share love and compassion at the touch of a finger.
Online Calendar
The integrated calendar allowed community members to lend a hand scheduling visits, meals, transportation and other acts of kindness in the planner.
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